Former Colorado officer sentenced to 16 years jail for 2014 murder


According to court officials, a former Colorado officer has been sentenced to 16 years in jail for lethally shooting a man in the back. James Ashby, 33, also received a sentence of five years of parole in the Oct. 12, 2014 demise of 27-year-old Jack Jacquez in the town of Rocky Ford, court authorities said.

Legal hearers indicted Ashby in June of second-degree kill. He was the principal Colorado cop to face charges for an on-obligation shooting in over 20 years.

Prosecutors said Ashby took after Jacquez inside his mom’s home before shooting him and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation found the officer had no motivation to trust Jacquez was carrying out a wrongdoing before he was executed. Ashby advised examiners that Jacquez mouthed off to him when he ceased him as he was skateboarding along the town’s primary drag, court reports said.

Ashby additionally said he thought Jacquez was attempting to burglarize the home he went inside on the grounds that he strolled whimsically before making a beeline for the back passage. Break-ins had been on the ascent in the town of around 4,000 because of an ascent in heroin habit.

In any case, the sibling of another Rocky Ford cop who was on a ride-alongside Ashby that night negated Ashby’s record. Kyle Moore said Jacquez did not sass Ashby and strolled to a side access to his home, where his mom opened the entryway for him.

Ashby said Jacquez snatched a slugging stick inside the house and was going to swing it at him when he started shooting. In any case, the coroner found that Jacquez was shot in the back, not a position he would have been if ending up for a swing.

Ashby was captured a month after the shooting and let go from the police office, where he had worked only five months. Jacquez’s family plans to sue, saying that Ashby should not have been employed given he already had reported issues from a former police role.